Things to remember while using washing machine: cloth and water recommendations

Are you more than satisfied with your washing machine? If your answer is yes then you will certainly wish to continue enjoying its immense benefits in days to come as well. But one question might startle you: Are your clothes happy too? Well, actually we forget some integral do’s and don’ts when we wash clothes in a washing machine. This leads to patchy clothes, permanent shrinkage and reduced life span of our most favorite garments! Thus, lets learn how can be enjoy the benefits of using washing machine yet remain tension free that our clothes will also look new for a longer span.

Wash clothes separately

washing machine

This seems to have become a golden rule for washing rule, be it manually or in a washing machine. Always wash your clothes separately. Segregate the white clothes and allocate a particular day when you will wash them in your electrical gadget. Similarly, put aside the dark colored and light colored clothes separately and wash them in different cycles. This will prevent your clothes from staining due to color bleeding.

Segregate clothes as per weight

It does not need any explanation that your single jersey cotton T-shirt will never have the same weight as that of your Denim trousers. Thus, when you intend to wash them together you will never have the desired results because you will fail to set the accurate temperature. Hence, wiser practice is to separate clothes as per weight and wash them separately. This way you will be able to set the control buttons in the mode that is suitable for that particular variety and get ‘scrupulously clean’ results!

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