The term protocol used in the networking world

Concept of protocol

The protocol is nothing but acts as the medium of transferring messages or data in a simple or a complex network. The message in the form of packets which is digital and secure is sent over the network. It is fast and it requires less bandwidth. Because of these introductions  of protocols which helps in sending and receiving messages the communication between devices and human beings have become much more comfortable and time saving. Normally used for internet purpose these protocols are the Internet protocols and it is one of the most widely used protocols. The concept is simple and guys who go through the networking or hardware certificates can have a clear idea about protocol and the uses of it. The protocol makes sure that the information delivered is reliable and highly secure with sealed authentication. It was introduced in the networking world by Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn in 1974 and since then many more applications related to protocol development and then the technology of VoIP came into the picture where the voice communication is done in the digital format with the help of the protocols. This concept was then used in the phones and the technology of VoIP phones came out some examples of the VoIP phones are iPhone, Android, smart phones which are used by many customers nowadays in their day to day life.


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Different VoIP phones in the 20th century

One of the VoIP phones which remain in focus nowadays is the iPhone which are smart phones and it was developed in the year 2007. It was manufactured by Foxconn and the operating system used is the Ios. It carries the storage capacity of a maximum of 64GB. The seventh generation of the iPhones recently came out named as iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S in the year 2013. The camera and the battery are of superb quality in these smart phones. The applications used in these iPhones are versatile as they have a number of options. Android is basically an operating system which was developed by Google. The operating system used here is the UNIX. They have an application known as the play store application which is used to upload and download apps. The Java language develops this application which is of superior and high quality. Nowadays the VoIP phones are the smart phones which are generally a mobile and have tremendous applications such that we can browse the web and they are normally touch screens. Blackberry, Window phone is the smart phones used by the majority of the customers in the current arena. Now talking about blackberry the latest blackberry curve cam in the year 2008. Another smart phone maintained by the company Accenture is the Symbian which was used in major amount till 2010. Symbian phone was later overtaken by Window phone as the latter has more applications and more comfortable to use.

The profit and sale of these VoIP phones

The majority of the people use these smart phones after Y2K and the sale and profit are of tremendous amount. To be more specific in January 2012 37 million iPhones were sold and $660 was the average price. Hence there is no loss of these smart phone market and new technologies are emerging and make us see newly developed smart phones.

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