The Importance of Structured Cabling and its Standards

The world is vastly different than it was decades ago as well as just a few years ago. Technology continues to change and evolve at a rapid rate. In regards to the business industry, technology is better than ever before. Communication options are faster and more efficient with every aspect needed for productivity right at the fingertips. The expectations have never been higher and the pace of technology continues to speed up, leaving businesses with new and exciting ways to streamline daily activities.

The need for IT basics has never been greater and structured cabling is one aspect that is essential. A structured cabling system is a network of wiring that will carry all service needs. From data to voice to security and VoIP, a structured cabling network is prepared to handle all of your service needs. With structured cabling, a business is set up for success. Employees have everything they need to be successful and productive.

A structured cabling system needs to be well-planned to take full advantage of the services used by a company. With an organized set-up, companies are able to share resources, operate smoothly and accommodate new technology changes. Businesses will have room for growth and have the ability to evolve as technology changes.

A structured cabling system is basically the driving force behind a successful business. When this system is set up in an organized and thought out manner, the organization will see an increase in growth and productivity with an increased bottom line.

As LANs, WANs and MANs have grown, the need for structured cabling has also. The work place first started out as one PC and then it more PCs were connected to create a consistent work group on one server. The need for better systems evolved and structured cabling was born. With today’s technology, complex systems are created to help business combine all technical aspects to be able to be successful.

Standards of Structured Cabling

Companies should not underestimate the importance of structured cabling standards. With a standards based system, a business will have a generic base for building an efficient communication infrastructure that will be compatible and create a certain criteria while provide uniform performance with each network system.

Modular networks are created so that new technologies can easily be integrated into the company including new equipment as well as users. It is hard to imagine that before the mid-1980s, there were no standards for structured cabling. It was when the Computer Communications Industry Associate decided to speak with the Electronics Industries Alliance that cabling standards would be developed. Standards would be set in place for several aspects including:

· Voice

· Data

· Commercial

· Residential cabling systems

Today there are several standards organizations that meet every five years to be able to discuss current technologies and if any changes need to be made. Types of cabling, administration, installation and so much more are discussed during each session. There are now many organizations that work to develop standards that are related to both communications and cabling. An example of this would be the ANSI, which is the American National Standards Institute. This group works to create and uphold national standards in the United States.

Key standards have been created to benefit users of structured cabling systems. The general requirements of structured gambling are to complete the planning, installing and verifying of a structured system for maximum performance. Standards will of course vary when discussing commercial and residential property.

By having a properly installed structured cabling system, a business owner can expect all communication operations to run smoothly and efficiently. Potential for growth and expansion is ever-present and the business can only continue to exceed in any given industry.

Michelle Patterson has been learning and writing about the technologies. She loves sharing her information with the world so that structured cabling engineers and business owners could take advantage of these technologies.

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