The Five Best New Household Gadgets

Having some amazing home gadgets is not just about getting the biggest new TV or best home speakers. Most smart homes now are filled with practical gadgets to make everyday life easier, safer, and less expensive. Here is a look at five recently released home gadgets sure to bring any home into the future.

The Five Best New Household Gadgets

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Smart Locks

WiFi-enabled locks have quickly become one of the most popular new home gadgets, providing residents with a new level of security and convenience. These devices allow all residents and designated guests keyless entry to a home, can snap photos of people at the door, and will alert homeowners of unauthorized attempts to gain entry.

Water Safety Monitors

From the moment a new pool or hot tub is installed on one’s property, it is time to begin considering safety issues. For those with younger children, remote water safety monitors are an advanced way to keep everyone safe when security gates aren’t enough. These devices can detect any water displacement when a child gets in the pool and immediately alerts all adults in the home via a remote alarm or through their smartphones.

“Connected” Lights

The current trend with new home technology often comes down to online controls, and new home lighting systems are no different. Advanced new LED bulbs have not only been designed to dramatically cut back on energy consumption—they can also be connected to custom mobile apps to change lighting on the go. These LED devices connect to a home’s WiFi and can be used to control lights remotely, change the color of lights, dim certain rooms, or even provide a colorful, moving light show for parties.

Remote Climate Control

Remotely controlled climate and air conditioning systems are not only about convenience—they have been designed to save homeowners money. A Toronto air conditioning service specialist from A Plus Quality reports that AC is often one of the biggest energy consumers in the home, so it makes sense for homeowners to consider remote-controlled systems. These systems will heat or cool the home to a pre-programmed, comfortable temperature just before residents arrive, saving energy that would otherwise be used in an empty home.

Slaved Appliances

Companies such as LG and Kenmore have recently released a variety of appliances that can be slaved directly through their website or with mobile apps to help homeowners with everyday chores. Some of the most common appliances will alert owners when they are running low on certain foods, create automated shopping lists, clean dishes and clothing when the home is empty, and even mop up spills as they occur.

Advanced new home devices are all about convenience and unparalleled connectivity. This wave of automated and remotely-controlled products can keep chores to a minimum, save on energy bills, and even improve the security of a home.

By Emma Sturgis

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