The Best Bluetooth Headsets Available Today!

Most devices today, including iPhones, iPads, android devices, BlackBerries, and many MP3 players now feature Bluetooth compatibility. With the prevalence of laws banning the use of handheld devices in automobiles, this connectivity to mobile devices has proven quite useful and the popularity of Bluetooth devices such as headsets has continually been on the rise. These devices can give you the ability to use your phone or music player while you drive without risking the safety of yourself, your passengers, or even other drivers on the road.  Here are my personal picks for the top five Bluetooth headsets I’ve had the pleasure of using.


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Aliph Jawbone Era

Cliche name aside, this headset packs a wonderful variety of features. It has an accelerometer and even a direct application processor which could potentially allow you to use this headset to completely control your other devices. Pretty nifty, eh? And its talk and call quality are stupendous as well, so you can definitely expect to be getting a lot of use out of this little gem.

Plantronics BackBeat Go 2

As awesome as its predecessor, the BackBeat Go original, was, this one blows it out of the water. Physically it is identical to its predecessor, so you can’t tell by looks, but the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 is much more capable. It can wirelessly connect to up to eight devices at once (plus one wired, so nine), and sound quality is not lacking. My one complaint relates to the placement of the microphone on this one, which made it not ideal for phone calls. But for listening to music and general device use, I was not disappointed.

Jabra Clipper

Though the Jabra was designed to be used as a Bluetooth headset for small, mobile devices, I’ve found it can also work great for turning your entire home entertainment system into one gigantic speakerphone if you’re so inclined. The name is from the fact that the Jabra Clipper comes with a "clip" that you can attach almost anywhere you please in order to use the device even when it’s not directly attached to your ears.

Plantronics M55

Another entry by Plantronics, the M55 was more specifically designed for mobile phone use. It sits in a single ear rather than both, and although it was made for phones, you can use it as a computer or gaming mic if your devices support it and it works great for those too. Its call quality was fantastic, especially for the price and even though it’s not packed with special features, it does what it does extremely well.

Jawbone Icon HD + "The Nerd"

This one is versatility redefined. Seriously. If you want a Bluetooth device that is compatible with almost any device imaginable, this is the one. The Jawbone Icon features stunning HD audio and "The Nerd" that it comes with lets you use the Icon HD with almost any device that merely has a USB connection. Your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth? No worries! Noise cancellation too? Well I’ll be… This thing really does have it all. Not cheap by any means, but totally worth it.

Having a pair of wireless headphones is invaluable especially if you do a lot of traveling but still need to stay in touch all the time. But Bluetooth headsets can also be useful to those of you who want to hide your phone away (so as not to be distracted by it while at work for example), but still want to have the ability to answer calls as they come in. If you’re interested in getting yourself a Bluetooth headset, the above five headsets represent a solid line-up of choices at a variety of price points. I also recommend everyone who invests in an expensive Bluetooth headset (they can cost more than your phone in some cases!), to get some sort of cheap gadget insurance to insure your phone and your headset.

Laura Ginn is a professional writer and blogger who writes regularly on a range of topics relating to technology. Laura does a lot of traveling so she knows about how important it is to keep your devices and accessories safe and protected at all times.

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