The Benefits Of An Alarm System

For many people an alarm system is the obvious solution to their home security worries, offering them peace of mind and reassurance that there is a visible deterrent and, should the unthinkable happen and someone forces entry to their property, others will be alerted immediately to the situation.

 However it is not widely known that a home security system offers many additional benefits beyond protecting the property against burglary or trespass.

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Night-Time Security

No-one wants to wake up in the morning to find you have been burgled…… in addition, you don’t want criminals entering your home while you are asleep, therefore when retiring to bed, one needs to make sure that your home is secured. Modern alarm Systems allow for part setting for bed time meaning that whilst your asleep if anyone tries to break in, you will be alerted to this and have the upper edge to deal with the situation.

Panic Alarms

These devices when pressed will summon the Police for immediate response. They can be silent panic alarms or audible, either way, you will be assured that help is on the way.

Smoke and Fire

Most people recognise the importance of having a smoke detector installed in their home and the consequent reduction in fire or smoke-related deaths is well-documented. A home security system can also detect smoke and fire and alert the occupants and the emergency services quickly.


With the increased risk of flooding in many areas as a result of climate change, as well as the unfortunate mishap of burst pipes which can affect most properties from time to time, homeowners may be reassured by a security system that can warn of flooding in their homes, potentially saving crucial time and of course significant amounts of money.

Carbon Monoxide

Sometimes branded the ‘silent killer’ due to its odourless properties, carbon monoxide is responsible for the deaths of over 200 people each year in the US, mainly due to the fact that it is difficult to detect and the consequences can be fatal before it is known that a problem exists. An alarm system that monitors carbon dioxide and warns of dangerous levels would be invaluable in helping to prevent unnecessary deaths from this poisonous gas.

Medical Emergencies

A home security system that is directly connected to an external monitoring company or to the emergency services can provide a rapid response to calls for help, for example when somebody suffers a medical emergency. Such systems are particularly useful for elderly homeowners, people with mobility difficulties or even for parents who are alone with young children. Medical assistance can be sought without having to dial for help on the phone.


Of course theft from our homes is not the only way that criminals can obtain money illicitly. With incidences of fraud and identify theft becoming more prevalent it is important that we are alerted so that remedial action can be taken. Some home security systems are now able to monitor credit reports and alert the owner in the event that unusual activity is detected.

Home Automation

Most modern alarm systems allow for built in home automation therefore automatically turning on/off lights and indeed also allow for inter-connectivity through wireless devices such as iPhones/iPads to control other home electrical equipment.

Home security systems are not simply for deterring and reporting break-ins but offer a wider range of solutions to dangers from other sources. It is also worth noting that a professionally-installed alarm system can help to lower your home insurance premium so even if your system is never needed, you stand to gain financially simply by having it installed.

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