The 5 Worst Designed Business And Corporate Websites Of All Time

In today’s socially-driven society, maintaining an online presence with any brand or business you want to promote is essential. Websites are often inviting and, if designed well enough, also appealing. Unfortunately, there are still corporate websites running today that have not been created with the user’s overall experience in mind. Some of the most uninspired business and corporate websites of all time are also some of the most popular sites to date.

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Craigslist is currently one of the most popular websites to date, allowing individuals from around the world to buy, sell and trade everything from merchandise to services. Using Craigslist is free, but the design is beyond minimal without little to no styling throughout. Although it is possible to search for items and browse for listings by location, there is no user experience in terms of design and color. All links are by default, blue and left without any style. It is also possible to save listings and create an account on Craigslist, but even the members of the site are subjected to the plain colors without any choice of style options available to choose from while browsing.


Wikipedia is another poorly designed corporate website, although it is quick and serves the purpose of simply providing and sharing information. Wikipedia’s website is black and white, with little to no styling. Although the site loads quickly and without hassle, it is less than engaging. Wikipedia’s website layout is classic and because the website is free, it would require more resources to load graphics and design for the number of pages that are viewed on the site each day.

Plenty Of Fish

Plenty Of Fish is one of the largest online dating websites available today. The site itself lacks in an elaborate design, although it does load quick and is free to use for all visitors. Plenty Of Fish’s logo is also plain and unidentifiable, not helping to brand the site properly for exposure and sharing online. The layout of Plenty Of Fish allows individuals to quickly begin chatting with others, but is lacking in overall design that draws attention and attracts new users.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the biggest torrent-sharing websites available that allows users to upload, download and share media and content of all types across the web. The Pirate Bay’s website design is extremely minimal to help users find the content they are seeking immediately within seconds of searching. Although The Pirate Bay’s website is plain and not as engaging as some sharing websites today, the site itself is represented by a dynamic logo which is memorable and can be reproduced for branding purposes.

The Drudge Report

The Drudge Report is an online news community that shares information and news from all around the world in real-time as it occurs. Although The Drudge Report is a news website, there is a complete lack of style in presenting the stories to users. The Drudge Report has grown in popularity and exposure, but provides users only with black and red links with occasional photos to represent a story. Because The Drudge Report is solely for the use of sharing news and information from around the globe, most links are not to additional content on the site, but to the official links of the stories themselves.

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