Technology That Is Helping Addicts Recover Faster

Technology does more than just provide entertainment. The tools developed for mobile technologies and online applications can help recovering addicts and health professionals connect with each other. Here’s a look at how modern medicine and technology are helping drug rehab programs get better, faster results.

Technology That Is Helping Addicts Recover Faster

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Telemedicine and video conferencing

Recovering addicts need frequent and scheduled appointments with counselors and doctors, but many people have a life schedule that makes in-person visits difficult. Telemedicine technologies like videoconferencing help patients make face-to-face contact and find guidance even when work and home life make meetings difficult. For example, someone from rural area may receive services entirely through video chats, or they may begin with inpatient services and continue with outpatient services via conferencing.

Text message help and reminders

The phones we carry can serve as helpful tools in recovery. Both automated and personalized text messages can be sent to provide encouragement and check in with patients regularly. Texting services help provide an easily accessible helpline for the patient for times when a phone call or visit may not be an option. Texts can also help recovery professionals efficiently monitor people in need; for instance, if the patient does not respond to a text then further help can be sent for them.

Streaming radio and video content

Anyone with an internet connection can access streaming radio and podcasts aimed at recovery and specific treatment issues. According to The Phoenix Recovery Center, a drug rehab in Utah, supportive help in the weeks following inpatient treatment are often key to continued success. This can take the form of helpful podcasts and videos that are widely available online from respected sources. This helps patients tune in and stay focused on recovery even when living independently. Because the content is available on demand, people can get information and encouraging advice at any time of day.

Brain imaging to understand mechanisms of addiction

By identifying the mechanisms of addiction on a biological and chemical level, the path to recovery can become more clear. Modern neuroscience technologies for addiction recovery include brain scans and neuro-feedback monitoring. These technologies can help reveal triggers and impulses that make recovery difficult. In cases where an addiction is tied to a chemical imbalance or other malfunction in the brain, brain imaging can help reveal these connections and help doctors and counselors develop methods tailored to the individual patient.

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