Tape Express transforms your tapes music into Mp3s

Using the included EZ Tape Converter software, you can plug the Tape Express into your computer (via USB cable), play the songs you love and have them converted instantly into MP3 files.

Tape Express

Those MP3 files can then be taken anywhere you’d take your other MP3s – into your iTunes library, your iPod or MP3 Player, burned onto CD and generally taken across all the usual digital platforms for your own personal use, and you can power it either by USB or our old friend the AA battery.

It’s a great piece of retro cool that manages to look modern, and functions with the future in mind – bringing back all those forgotten tunes and maybe prompting you to pick up that tennis racquet guitar again.

Tape Express features:

  • The Tape Express converts all your old cassettes to MP3 format.
  • MP3s can be imported to iTunes library, uploaded to MP3 players or burned onto CD.
  • EZ Tape Converter Software included.
  • Connection to computer via USB cable (included).
  • Can be used as standard portable cassette player.
  • Can be played through external hi-fi or speakers using headphone jack (3.5mm).
  • Compatible with Mac OS X, Windows XP and Vista operating systems.

Pricing and availability

Tape Express cost £49.99 and it is available at IWantOneOfThose.com.

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