Sony NEX-5N

The Sony NEX-5N has many positive reviews, especially now that the clicking noise during movies has been fixed in the newer versions. As the camera may be a little bit complicated, you can get great results by going into Intelligent Automatic mode or IA mode.


A nice feature is the capability to select a small section of your image using the camera’s touch screen. When you do this, you will zoom into that section with virtually no distortion and with nice colors. Just as with older versions, the camera is capable of capturing shadows with little noise in dim indoor scenes. This is pretty impressive since many DSLRs costing double the amount are not able to do this. Something you don’t quite see in other cameras but found in this one is panorama mode which you can shoot panoramic images from left to right. A solution to shooting panorama photos in its default mode is to shoot vertically while sweeping left to right or right to left. After selecting panorama view from the virtual wheel, you could change the options from the menu system. You have problems locating the options, you can read the easy to use manual to find out.

You can produce amazing panoramic shots with little effort. If you don’t have any desire to spend time stitching pictures together, then the Sony NEX-5N will be worthwhile. Going into manual mode using the virtual wheel is one of the greatest features of this camera. You can actually alter the shutter speed by using the mechanical wheel and switch to the f/stop by pushing the lower portion of the wheel. The ISO setting may be seen in the Brightness/Color section of the menu mode. The drawback is with all the flipping to and fro, you find yourself losing the excellent shot. There ought to be a way not to return to the menu system.

You’ll see that the NEX-5N is packed with wonderful features but it may take some effort to learn them all. You’ll find the features that actually works great for your workflow and stick with it. For quick access to settings you use, the digital camera can be programmed to put that into place. The navigation of the touch screen is quite well done making it easy to switch between the different options. It is simple to move between pictures in review mode, select an object to focus when framing your image and you can zoom in electronically.

Sony NEX-5N
Sony NEX-5N

As the firmware can be kept up to date, the digital camera will become easier to use but the Sony NEX-5N continues to be a fantastic digital camera. With just a few tweaks, the digital camera could be more intuitive, easier to use and a much better camera.

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