Sony HDR-HC3 4MP High-Definition Handycam MiniDV Camcorder

Video enthusiasts throughout the United States and Canada are very happy with the Sony HDR-HC3 handycam video camera’s features and capabilities. This digital camera will provide you with the option to shoot in either HD or in SD so that you can make the transition from one format to the next without expense.

Sony HDR-HC3 4MP High-Definition Handycam MiniDV Camcorder
Sony HDR-HC3 4MP High-Definition Handycam MiniDV Camcorder

With the clear vid image sensor, the HC3 camera has set a new standard in resolution quality. This sensor permits exact details to be captured, together with superior color. With a dual recording option, you can shoot HD videos or shoot 2.3 megapixel still photographs. Quick movement is shot with accurate detail by the smooth slow recording, which then allows it to be played back in slow motion. This video camera has just about every feature that videographers would like. With the innovative CMOS sensor, the video and photographs will have exceptional clarity and detail. The CMOS sensor does not consume as much power as CCD imagers so you’ll have better battery life in comparison with CCD-based cameras.

You will also have the ability to shoot 2.3 megapixel still images while shooting HD video at the same time. You can look at HDR-HC3 SD or HD video footage on any Mini DV tape player. A system has actually been created by Sony for real-time MPEG encoding and decoding. It has a compact size to allow it to fit inside a personal video camera, and it uses significantly less energy. The codec engine has the capability to compress to MPEG-2 format while having clear HD and play back as the same bit rate as DV. The far off action will be brought up close by the optical zoom, which is provided by the HDR-HC3. The digital zooming is clearer, with not as much distortion, as a result of the digital boom interpolation.


Because the resolution of the 2.7 wide LCD screen has improved, the clarity of the viewer is amazing. You’ll be able to shoot in multiple shooting angles because the LCD display screen is able to rotate up to 270 degrees. The display’s sharp and fine details makes it simple for you to monitor or playback your videos. To move ahead in videography, you can produce and shoot in 16:9 mode without any issue with this camera. You actually can’t go wrong with the Sony HDR-HC3 videos because of all the wonderful features and excellent video quality. It isn’t really possible to have one camera that contains everything but the Sony HDR-HC3 comes close.

If you do your research, you’ll discover that the reviews are very positive with a few wrinkles occasionally. A number of people believed the camera a bit costly. Several didn’t think the support was excellent, but you can’t ever please every person. If you are deliberate in your search, you may find that this video camera is exactly what you are searching for.

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