Sony Ericsson MBS 200 (review)

I love music, and like most people I tend to listen to it. Music is a huge deal in my life and my daily routine usually involves showering with my music blaring from my phone, but as with most phones the speaker is a little tinny and not very clear, Our buddies over at mobile fun have the product for me (and hopefully for you) the Sony Ericsson MBS 200.

The MBS 200 is a wonderful little speaker, aesthetically pleasing with looks straight from a futuristic haven filled with happy little singing robots (no?) and the sound quality is far superior to most, if not all, bluetooth enabled speakers. Connectivity is not a problem, I was listening to my Kanye West and Roy Orbison songs before I knew it, as loud as possible and with no reduction of sound quality. One of the greatest features of this seemingly simplistic speaker is the fact you can connect it to another MBS 200 to create the MBS 400 Both speakers working together to deliver love to your ears.

overall this is a great little speaker, with huge amounts of oomph behind it but what makes it so much more interesting is that instead of its usual £50 price tag you can grab one now over at Mobile fun for a lovely £15 pounds. I give the Sony Ericsson MBS 200 10 out of 10 stars and am now off to buy another one.

Sony Ericsson MBS 200 (review) 3
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