So Did The Chinese Kid Really Sell His Kidney for an iPhone and an iPad?

You might have heard on the news recently, a 17 year old boy, from some obscure province in China, went to a larger province on his own, after meeting a body-part donor broker online. Now I checked several separate coverage’s of this story, and not once did I see the iPhone or the iPad. I saw a scar on his body, which was obviously very real, and it did look like he had his kidney removed. Mind you, I am a layman, and I should be asking a surgeon about this. I thought if a kidney was removed, the scar would be on his back, not his front. This kind of story could only come out of China. I am wondering if he will have to sell his left testicle if he needs computer repairs. Here is another take on the story, from someone who has spent a lot of time inside the invisible communist dictated, paranoid-centric society in the last 15 years.

  • Attack on Apple? Apple business continues to explode in China. They are making big money. Apple has been around in China as long as it has been around everywhere else. Apple has never had to worry about much to copyright, in the past it was basically only their operating system, and it was free. It was only a few weeks ago that a group of Chinese factory workers exposed, they were all dying from cleaning iPhones in the production process. Apparently, they were using a chemical to clean the screens that is highly toxic. Last year’s big news was the 20 or so suicides from the Taiwanese company’s staff who were also working on iPhone products. It seems like iPhone and Apple is responsible for something going horribly wrong in China every couple of months, since they opened their stores in Beijing and Shanghai. Apple is definitely NOT owned by any Chinese company, or government agency posing as an entity, and blackmailing business to partner with it or be shut down.
  • Hospital Had No Authority to Remove Body Parts. That was where the story in the hospital stopped. The hospital said it did not have authority to remove or trade in body parts. I don’t really see that as having anything to do with the fact that the boy was supposed to have had his illegal body part harvest done in the hospital. A little more reporting on the details might give the story a little more credit.


  • Police Can’t Find Broker. After the boy tells his mother that he went away for the last few days to sell his kidney so he could get the iPhone and iPad, she called the police. In a country that has the most stringent internet access policy in the world (you cannot get online in your home, or in public, without your official ID), and has a massive army of people who just surf the internet monitoring everything that goes on, they had no idea who the broker was. This is the same country that has highly developed facial recognition software, that has been fully operational for many years, and has a camera on just about every street, street corner, and another camera for added measure, in every city in the country. This is the country that had one million people working as under-cover ‘social monitors’ during the Olympics. And they still could not find the broker?

So yes, this is another trumped up story from China. Is this just another reason to complain about Apple, and just another reason to change to a local brand, and get the best local computer support? Now do you believe it

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