Smart TV. How Much Clever They Are

What are they able to do?


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Smart TV-sets are able to do many things and they even can expand the possibilities by installing some additional soft. The main schticks are not difficult to define. So let’s look through the functions which the TV-sets owners will get.

All functions are gathered in one beautiful shell, which gives the access to different entertaining things: built-in media player and corporate services.

All gadgets like internet

Initially the internet-browser wasn’t the primary thing in shell programs for TV-sets. But now it is available in elder models. It must become an integral part of every smart TV-set soon. Because you know that no matter how many popular services the gadget has every user wants to get more. Of course nowadays browsers are not the rivals for the Pc browsers. But this is just a start and they will improve in future.

YouTube and so on

It is predictable that there are widgets for popular video hostings and services, because not gadget can show the video better than the TV-set. With the help of search requests you can find interesting videos for you.

Don’t forget about photos

Then developers went further and made an access to photo hosting. So besides looking through the photos from the flash-disk you can look through your pics in online album. You have to log-in in order to get the access to the album or you just can watch beautiful pictures with the help of search requests.


All mobile gadgets have popular social networks in their functions, so nowadays the networks capture TV-sets too. This fact will be great news for people, who can’t live without Twitter or Facebook. During advertisement on TV you will be able to renew the status or to read new messages. The functional is not full (like in mobile apps), but the main possibilities are there.

Skype on big screen

The appearing of the most mass service of video telephony in TV-sets was presented some years ago. Skype is available in the TV-sets by Sony, Samsung and Panasonic. With the help of special camera (which you’ve got to but separately) you can organize a video chat with people who use Skype version 5 and higher.

Everyday weather

Of course it is possible to see the weather forecast in the Internet on special sites. But the ideologists of the Smart TV conception decided, that it is better to get a special widget. And there is a suitable service, which works all over the world – Accuweather. You can put five cities in the settings and it will show a detailed and colorful weather for them.

Connection to network

There are two ways of connection the TV-set to the home network and internet. The first one is wired, when you use an ordinary cable.

The second way is more modern – with the help of Wi-Fi. Your TV-set should have a built-in Wi-Fi module or you will have to buy it separately.

New look upon the control

Since TV-sets are still not able to read our thoughts we have to use some things at hand in order to control them. But there is a progress here too. Besides ordinary remote control units you can use smart phones, pads and special consoles.

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