"Shockingly" Expensive Mistakes That are Hurting the NSA

Employing widespread virtual surveillance appears to be a primary purpose of the National Security Agency; unfortunately, the organization’s lack of foresight has incurred significant financial losses. This overview demonstrates five arenas that have taken a shocking monetary hit due to the misappropriated power of the NSA.

Shockingly Expensive Mistakes That are Hurting the NSA

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1. Fallout for Cloud Storage

As The Denver Post reveals, the new-found public distrust stemming for Edward Snowden’s massive leaks is wreaking havoc on the profits of online storage providers. The universalization of information has encountered serious setbacks with the majority of the population reverting to private data system providers. Ultimately, this loss in business is projected to cost $180 billion for companies in the U.S. By 2016.

2. Major American Companies Lose Credibility

All of the big industry players have been caught installing back-doors for the purposes of NSA server monitoring. Time Magazine demonstrates that the systematic breach of privacy extends through all primary Internet outlets. The list of companies that sold out customers includes Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google. With intense criticism, their windfall prospects are collectively diminishing.

3. Malfunctioning Infrastructure

Amidst this landscape, the organization is throwing more money away with shoddy electrical services, which Wall Street Journal has documented. The NSA’s central data center in Utah has recently been subjected to scrutiny by inspectors representing the Army Corps of Engineers. Among other findings, Army Corps of Engineers found that the use of poor quality American equipment had been malfunctioning, and frying expensive servers and data storage. Although the agency uses quality industrial electricians like the GKT Group, the cheap Siemens circuit breakers they are required to use to comply with DoD requirements keep failing, and destroying expensive equipment.

4. Loss of Clout for International Trades

Diplomatic relations are undergoing a makeover. The Guardian gives expert analysis that shows trade pacts are in danger between America and Europe. With global commerce being revoked, the United States may find a gigantic source of revenue has been removed.

5. Lack of Oversight Leads to Unchecked Expenses

The NSA is a classified program, which means the costs are not revealed to the public. Thankfully, CNN has done some of the math. Their numbers illustrate that the NSA could cost over $20 billion per year. Because this unstoppable financial drain is not subjected to legislative approval, there is no estimable remedy.

6. Legislative Limbo Stalls Future Money Flow

Congress is not inclined to designate additional authority to the NSA, which means a significant portion of the budgetary bloat will be diverted towards less meaningful measures. As The Christian Science Monitor unearths, several pet projects will be shelved, but the cash will still be spent.

Final Note

As the debt for this bungling program accumulates, it is important to acknowledge the economic realms that were hit the hardest by the public revelations concerning the spying initiatives being utilized by the United States. The five ramifications detailed above are severe, but they are not the only consequences. In truth, no one knows how far-reaching the contamination will spread from the NSA’s misguided principles.

By Marlena Stoddard

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