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Egofly Hawkspy LT-712 RC Helicopter with Built-in Camera

Egofly Hawkspy LT-712 RC Helicopter with Built-in Camera

Every year new products end up being released, and simply because new technology is also being released many toys right now are far more fun. One of these new products that have been released are remote controlled helicopters, which is something that is fun for both adults and children alike. There's a lot of folks who have used a remote controlled helicopter that their friends have owned, and after that they went out and got one for themselves mainly because they were so much fun. Should you be … [Read more...]

Spy everyone with the Hi-Res Pen Video Spy Camera with 4GB Memory


The Hi-Res Pen Video Spy Camera with 4GB Memory allows you to spy anyone whenever you want. The high resolution 640x480 4GB Pen Cam recorder is the ideal gadget for instant covert video recording. The "One Touch" record button activates the camcorder for a full two hours recording on a single charge. Recordings can be later downloaded via high speed USB 2.0 to your PC for viewing and storing. 4GB internal memory stores up to 20 hours of recording. Hi-Res Pen Video Spy Camera … [Read more...]

How to Protect Data on Your Smartphone


The latest hybrids of Smartphones have become a computer machine that is mobile and flexible to use. Smartphone users are getting more reliant on their mobile phones for keeping valuable data which can become vulnerable to security and privacy breach. Protecting your data against hackers and malicious spyware should be a great concern especially when you are keeping confidential, financial and personal information to your mobile device. Here’s how you can protect data on your Smartphone against … [Read more...]

Track your cell phone with great ease now!


Do you feel insecure that your mobile will get stolen? Do you want to keep a watch on your kids? Do you want to see what you employee is doing? Then here is the answer of all your questions. MSpy can get you all that you want. Image sent by author Sometimes you need to see where exactly your kids are, or maybe you leave your children at home alone and are worried about them. In this case a cell phone tracker will be a great help for you. MSpy is the most trustworthy and very easy to use … [Read more...]

How to Protect Android OS from Malware Threats


Malware has become an omnipresent issue since the advent of modern computers. Computing devices are being assaulted all the time by Trojans, spyware, viruses, rootkits and several others of the like. They are looking for loopholes and vulnerabilities in the defenses in order to get through. While the computing world is plagued by infections, people have gotten enough awareness to employ some protection measures on their devices. Image source With the launch of operating … [Read more...]