Samsung V/s Iphone v/s Blackberry – Which Is the Best Phone for Me

For any person who is naïve to the Smartphone world, buying one is a tough task especially, when the handsets are from Samsung, iPhone and Blackberry brands. The new high ends Smartphones are ruling the mobile industry making it tough for the consumers to determine one.


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You have already shortlisted the three Smartphones i.e. Samsung, iPhone and Blackberry, but which phone should you go with is a dilemma. Below mentioned are the core features of these famous Smartphones which will help you buy the best handset.

Apple’s iPhone

Apple recently released iPhone 5 which is said to be the smartest Smartphone one can have. The handset is a huge hit in the market as it is equipped with exquisite features and having brilliant hardware design. The handset measures about 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm with a feathery weight of 112 g. Known for offering amazing display, the resolution of this handset is 640 x 1136 pixels. When it comes to performance it is unbeatable since, it is equipped with 1GB RAM with a memory slots available in 3 varieties i.e. 16/32/64 GB and a dual core processor of 1.2.GHz. Apple iPhones are sleek and stylish and this one is no behind. Amazing piece of technology this Smartphone is available in Black, Silver, White and Slate color.

Coming Over To Samsung

Samsung Handsets are giving tough competition to its fellow brands. For many consecutive months, Samsung Galaxy series have topped the charts and are the most popular Smartphones across the world. The basic features of the recent Samsung Galaxy S III are brilliant. The cell phone measures about 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm weighing just 133 g. It has got all high end hardware and software features that one expects to have it in his/her cell phone.8 mega pixels camera, Android Ice cream Sandwich OS upgradable to Jelly Bean, sharp display resolution, amazing apps and brilliant web connectivity features this handset is a dream to own.

Brilliant Blackberry

Blackberry Z10 is a recent handset made under the flagship of the company’s new OS. The phone is said to be the best one till date that you can find in a mobile market. The handset was hit as soon it hit the mobile stores. The exquisite features of this Smartphone is nothing but brilliant. The cell phone measures about 130 x 65.6 x 9 mm with a slim weight of 137 g. Available in White and Black color it has got 8 mega pixels camera and all the necessary built in apps that you require. It has dual core CPU of 1.5 GHz Krait with 2 GB RAM. With all required web connectivity options, this handset proves to be the best for the professionals on the go.

Each one of us has different requirements and there is of course the budget to see. As far as these three Smartphones are concerned they are to-date’s best gadgets to buy. There is no doubt about their working features and performance- they are at par. Determine your preferences and you are certain to get the best.

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