Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

A Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) system converts hazardous emissions into innocuous carbon dioxide and water. Combustion Controls Solutions and Environmental Services, Inc. (CCS&ES) has applied the latest in technology to custom engineer RTO systems with a compact design and modular construction to meet the purification requirements of each volatile organic compound (VOC).

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer 3

CCS&ES also has systems for controlling hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and regulating odorous discharges involving a wide range of processes.

Tremendously high heat is used to break down the hazardous emissions at a molecular level. In the CCS&ES RTO systems three ceramic beds (heat exchangers) are used to alternately heat and cool VOC exhaust gases for cleansing.

To begin the cycle VOC emitted gases are passed into a ceramic bed where they are preheated to almost final oxidation temperature. In the next phase of oxidation the gases are passed and further heated in a combustion chamber.

They are also kept at the final oxidation temperature. The cleansed gases exit this chamber into a second ceramic bed where most of the heat from the gases is absorbed. The cooled gases are then released into the atmosphere. In the process a third ceramic bed is used concurrently to eradicate any contaminated gas to ensure all VOC emissions have been effectively destroyed.

A second cycle of alternate ceramic beds repeats the process for maximum efficiency. Industries have to comply with environmental mandates and regulations.

The CCS&ES, Inc. Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers from will align your company with the mandates and offer the knowledge your industry is keeping the air purer for future generations.

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