quis custodiet ipsos custodes T-shirt

There is a special group of fanboys and fangirls whose purview is comparing the film adaptation to a seminal work of comic book genius.

These fans vet the choices made to bring a work to the big screen and declare them as worthy or unworthy interpretations of the original. These are the folks who do screen grabs of the trailers and compare them side by side to the comic book panels. These are the folks who worry about the fact that Alan Moore didn’t want his name on the movie but are relieved by Dave Gibbons’s involvement. These are the folks who get all wound up about the non-existence of giant, alien squids.

quis custodiet ipsos custodes

We know you. You are these folks. You are not a passive viewer; you are a keeper of the sacred text. You are the difference between specto, spectare and custodio, custodire. You do not look. You watch. You protect. You defend. You guard. Who watches the Watchmen to ensure it’s done justice? You do.

"quis custodiet ipsos custodes" (the quote from Juvenal printed at the end of the graphic novel, generally translated as "Who Watches the Watchmen?") printed large, vertically in yellow down the front of this 100% cotton, black t-shirt.

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