PowerLine PowerCup 200/400 Watt Mobile Inverter with USB Power Port

As a result of the point that most vehicles do not come with a regular outlet to plug things into, people have been unable to plug in things and when they are inside their car. Of course nowadays they have power inverters that can actually transform the electricity in your car battery to run regular house current. The truth is this is a thing that can be extremely useful and also a thing that everyone needs to have in their vehicles. The PowerLine PowerCup 200/400 Watt Mobile Inverter with USB Power Port is among the devices that folks can actually purchase for their car these days and the one we will be looking at on this page.

PowerLine PowerCup 200/400 Watt Mobile Inverter with USB Power Port

PowerLine PowerCup 200/400 Watt Mobile Inverter with USB Power Port

One of the greatest reasons anybody could possibly think of for getting a product like this is for while you are taking the family on long trips cross country. You need to be aware that if your children bring their computers along with them, or other kind of portable DVD player, if you have this product you are going to not need to worry about the batteries dying. This is a thing that can in fact keep your family trips a lot more pleasant as not one person is going to be getting on anybody’s nerves.

The way this product looks is quite unique as it looks much like a coffee cup that you would get any takeout place, and will even set directly into a regular coffee cup holder in your car or truck. Something I should point out relating to this product is that there are actually two separate outlets available where you are able to plug things into which is perfect for those who have multiple items that need charging or power. There is another great feature which comes with this unit and that’s the fact the you are able to actually charge any item that you could usually charge with a USB Port as this one has a USB Port built right in. You need to also be aware that this product offers you enough power to run two laptop computers simultaneously without any issues.

If you decide to read some reviews on this device you can find some on the Amazon website and you’re going to see that just about every person loves this inverter. A few the reviews you’ll read will tell you that they have a favored feature about this product and that is the USB Port that they’re able to charge things from. There were needless to say a couple of negative reviews relating to this product one being that it did not have adequate power to run a curling iron and a hair dryer, (nuff said).

For people wondering exactly how much a product like this will cost you you’re going to find the you can pick it up on Amazon right now for $29.35. The actual list price of this item is around $40.00 which is why buying it from Amazon is in fact a smart move. So if you are one of the individuals who want to be able to charge items in your automobile or run a portable DVD player or laptop computer, this product might be exactly what you are trying to find.

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