Portable iPhone Charger

You love you iPhone, but sometimes the battery goes empty and you need to use your gadget. There is a convenient solution:the Portable iPhone Charger.

Portable iPhone Charger

When you’re miles away from the nearest power point, running out of juice on your iPhone or iPod can feel like a complete disaster. Especially if you’re stuck on a plane with nothing but snooze fm being piped in on those horrific in-flight headphones.

Now you need never worry about such trivialities as the Portable iPhone Charger will provide you with enough back up power for up to 5 hours of calls or 20 hours of music playback.

Just plug the charger into your PC or Mac and let it charge until all of the blue LEDs on the front are lit – then pop it in your pocket or bag and it’s ready for action. When you need to check how much charge is left just push the button on the front and the LED display will let you know.

Portable iPhone Charger features:

  • A plug-in pocket sized charger for your iPod or iPhone.
  • Simply plug it into the bottom of your iPod and let the charger do the rest.
  • Provides up to 250 hours of standby time, 5 hours of talk time and 20 hours of music playback.
  • Compatible with the all models of iPod.
  • Size: 6.2 x 5.9 x 1 cm.

Pricing and availability

The Portable iPhone Charger cost £19.99 and it is available at iWantOneOfThose.com.

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