Paper Thin Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna

Several TV antennas available today are quite awful so the Leaf antenna is a breath of fresh air. A whole lot of effort went into the design so it wouldn’t look like an unsightly eyesore. That’s the reason the Leaf indoor television antenna that is patent pending is paper thin and can be mounted almost anyplace, like on the wall or behind a photo.

Paper Thin Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna
Paper Thin Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna

There are lots of options for installation, since it is black on one side and white on the other. The style and design of the Leaf TV antenna was based on studies and research into developing a fantastic antenna. The paper-thin design was inspired by the fact that there were no powerful antennas on the market. They found the issue when one of the engineers needed to make the switch from cable to over-the-air. This inspired several of the best antenna engineers to create this patent pending design. These engineers used their experience from creating antennas for the US military to develop the Leaf antenna. The engineers were also motivated to make it as low-cost as possible given that lots of antennas in the marketplace were much too costly for their worth.

The company, which manufactures in the USA, was able to build an antenna with very little production costs, but which has high performance. This makes it possible for them to keep the price affordable, and pass on the savings to the shoppers. Lots of customers were quite surprised at how well a little and unassuming antenna works. Folks who live in very rural areas without any cable can now watch tv free of charge. Quite a few buyers learned that this antenna works better than other antennas that cost three to four times as much. It’s a perfect demonstration of not judging a book by its cover. At times people find that their antenna doesn’t work, but then learn the problem was something else, like with a tuner.

If you need a skinny antenna, then you can’t make a mistake with the Paper Thin Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna by Mohu. The antenna is very cost-effective and it’s light enough to be mounted in very discreet areas. If you do some research on the web, you’ll be able to find out what did not work for people who purchased it. You will also be able to find out how they were able to resolve their problem. If you want something to work correctly, it is probably a good idea to read the directions thoroughly before you assume something doesn’t work.


The antenna is paper thin and it looks like it’s laminated like a driver’s license. But don’t allow that to hold you back considering that once you’ve got it in the perfect spot, your television reception will be superb.

Paper Thin Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna

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