Nvidia Reclaimed the Best Performance GPU Firm Title with GTX 780 Ti Beating AMD

The world of gaming has been shaped drastically with the introduction of new hi-tech gaming cards, where old gaming consoles have become a total waste for gaming enthusiasts. So, if you are interested in playing games with heavier graphics, the new graphic cards launched in the market are your choice, but you can’t just put your old consoles in the trash bin. However, there is a better alternative to make a switch to a better gaming environment and that needs you to sell your used games a considerable price and make some backup for the huge expense for the new gaming card.

GTX 780

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The AMD VS Nvidia War

With the launch of 290 and 290X cards from AMD, its rival company has been lured into a downfall for a few weeks in the past. These new cards from AMD offer an aggressive performance, both in respect to the clock speed and the overall performance with a high graphic game. In response to these introductions, Nvidia initiated its counter-attack by reducing the prices of its high featured GPU product stack. It made a sharp cut in the price of its GTX 780 as a response to the launch of R9 290X from AMD. When the price slash failed to match up with the high performance of the 290X from AMD, Nvidia came up with a new and better weapon, the GTX 780 Ti.

A High Performance GTX 780 Ti from the GK110 GPU Stack

The GK110 GPU from Nvidia has been an attraction to the gaming enthusiasts and reviewers, since its debut in the market. This GPU was launched by the company as a product belonging to the workstation class that was meant to perform scientific computing and take up the place of a professional GPU. This chip is available with monstrous features that cover both the die size and gaming performance. This chip is one of the largest and the most complex GPU, ever made and released by Nvidia with a total of 7.1 billion transistors in an area of 551 square millimeters. All the GK110’s shipping implementations including the GTX 780 and the Titan have been handicapped until now. Although, the core of this GPU contains a total of 2880 CUDA cores, the company has always kept a minimum of one compute clusters disabled in all its cards. The GTX Titan, due to this limitation contained only 2688 cores of the GPU, while for the same reason the GTX 780 had been offered with a total of 2304 cores of the GPU only.

With the new card, GTX 780 Ti, all the SMXs (a total of 15) have been enabled thus, offering a total of 2880 operational cores. The Texturing resources have been significant in the previous version, which are further increased to 240 TMUs from the previous value of 224 in the Titan. The ROP count is kept at the same value of 48, while the pixel fillrate has been provided a slight improvement from the 288GB/s value to a new value of 336GB/s.

Comparison with AMD’s R9 290X

It uses a narrower bus of 384-bit with a clock speed of 1750MHz, which is far better than the 1250MHz memory used by AMD with a 512-bit bus. The maximum temperature of this new card from Nvidia is restricted to 83C, which is much less than the 95C value of the one from AMD. Along with this, the GPU from Nvidia is much quieter than the one from AMD, thus making Nvidia a better choice for gaming enthusiasts.

Thus, on the basis of performance, noise, temperature and many other features, the GTX 780 Ti from Nvidia has managed to outclass the R9 290X from AMD. So, if you are looking for a replacement for your old gaming card, you must get the one from Nvidia for a better gaming experience.

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