Must-have Pocket Gizmos and Gadgets

If you are in a habit of collecting gizmos and gadgets and like to travel with them, then there might be something for you listed here:


LED Key Torch – This new pocket tool is a must-have for everyone. The LED Key Torch by LockLite transforms any standard round-ended key into a torch. You will need to assemble the LED torch to your key by removing the LockLite circlip with a small screwdriver to take the LockLite apart, put your key in place and screw the torch back together. The LED torch has a stainless steel body and a 6mm bright white LED light which has a rubber push button. Whats good about the gadget is that once the key is locked in place, it will measure just 11mm thick. LockLite LED key torch comes with 2 x long life lithium batteries.


Flip Ultra Video Camera – This ultra slim video camera is a must have for all those moments you want to quickly record to keep with you or share on YouTube. It is not only easy to use, but it is compact and has a record time of 2 hours. It comes with a built in USB which you can plug right in your computer. With Flip Ultra Video Camera, you can easily organize, edit and share videos with it.


TriSpecs Sunglasses – Although a bit pricy, the TriSpecs Sunglasses are a must-have for those who have to talk on the phone a lot during the day. These sunglasses have a sleek look which will make you look like a secret agent and come with built-in Bluetooth technology, allowing you to use them to talk on the phone. With these sunglasses, you will not need a Bluetooth ear piece and you can also listen to music. The sunglasses come in several colors, making them good for both boys and girls.


GPS Tracking Device – This worlds smallest GPS tracking device comes loaded with advanced features which you will not find in any other device. Simply track any thing which is moving, like a vehicle, a man, woman, teenager or even a kid. It is only 66 millimetres long, is light weight and water proof and provides real-time tracking capability over the internet. Even in extreme weather conditions, it provides fast and reliable GPS tracking.


Electric Shock Hand Buzzer – This little shock hand buzzer has a ring to put your finger through to comfortably hold the buzzer in your hand. The buzzer gives a real electric shock which actually hurts. You should not confuse this shock as a buzz, as it is intended to give the target a satisfying shock! You can use it just to joke around with family and friends to shock them or you can even try and use it in self defense. However, when using the hand buzzer in defense, be sure to know that the buzzer will only shock the person and not harm them.


Solo Duo Credit Card Holder – This handy holder can be used to keep business cards, credit cards and even money when you need an ideally sized holder to keep important things for a night out. It has a slick and stylish look and fits comfortably in the pocket. You will not need to carry a bulging wallet when you have this plastic card holder. What is even better is that the holder can handle anything thrown at it, giving you a sense of security when you put important items in it like your credit cards.

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