Measuring Wind Speeds And Air Temperatures – Choosing The Right Lab Equipment

When it comes to measuring wind speed and air temperature simultaneously, it can be difficult to find equipment available that can do both. Of course, there is lab equipment that measures wind speed and  lab equipment that measures air temperature, but finding one piece of equipment that can do both isn’t very common. For that reason, this article will help you determine the best lab equipment available for measuring both wind speed and air temperature simultaneously.

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A micro-anemometer/thermometer is a unique piece of lab equipment that can accurately measure both wind speed and air temperature at the same time. This tool can be very valuable, especially for Meteorologists. The equipment is typically small in size with an ultra compact design, and many times they come with features such as:

  • Many are capable of interpreting air speed measurements in different unit values which can be pre-selected. Some of the settings include: feet per second, miles per hour, kilometers per hour, meters per second, and knots.
  • Wind chill temperature measurement, including the full airflow measurement are typically displayed in both °F and °C.
  • Equipment reads measurements very quickly and can be set to update every few seconds if needed.

Digital Anemometer/Thermometer:

This particular equipment is meant for measuring wind speed and air temperature at external environments. The measurements are usually done with fine precision and simplicity. They are very durable pieces of lab equipment, and as such digital anemometers/thermometers are able to withstand high pressures. This gives users the ability to take measurements inside heavy ducts used at big mechanical plants. Measurements are reliable and accurate, making this equipment widely used in labs and mechanical plants worldwide.

Common Features include:

  • Consists of a vane which rotates freely in both low and high speeds.
  • Unique low friction and accurate ball bearing design
  • Equipment readings can update itself immediately.
  • Many have rugged casing designs that make them both chemical resistant and jolt resistant

If you need lab equipment for measuring both wind speed and air temperatures, you need to find specific tools. You could choose between a micro-anemometer/thermometer or a digital-anemometer/thermometer, but understanding the benefits of these two pieces of lab equipment will help you make a good decision to meet your needs. Keep in mind different settings that each are used for and you can’t go wrong with your pick.

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