LG BD630 Network Blu-ray Disc Player

On the outside, the LG BD630 Network Blu-ray Disc Player does not appear to be all that impressive. The player’s interface is sparse with play/pause, stop and eject buttons in addition to the on/off button. The discs are inserted to the tray found in the middle and USB device could be hooked up on the right. It is not cheap looking, and as they say, great things can come in tiny packages, especially when it is what’s inside that matters.

LG BD630 Network Blu-ray Disc Player
LG BD630 Network Blu-ray Disc Player

This small player features a remote with batteries included, a standard cable to plug in along with a pretty good manual. The device can be linked in a number of ways like a LAN port for internet connect, RCA audio out, HDMI port and Component video. The low price on this device has made it not DLNA enabled which means that you can’t play your video clips. To allow streaming videos, you will have to connect a thumb drive or external hard drive. This device can not be connected via an Ethernet connection, but with more costly models this feature is available.

This player can connect with a 1080p HDTV or a standard analogue television. It is possible to watch videos clearly since the output can match the TV’s native resolution. Incorporating an external disc drive or thumb drive is easy as linking it in the USB port. It’s possible to have up to four drive partitions and it can handle the majority of PC formats. Setting up the device should be quite easy and quick to do. The player can quickly load and playback Blu Ray dvds. For a new machine nowadays, the DVD up-conversion to 1080p was just average, but a lot better than average when compared to older machines. The disc tray is well built and does not appear to break easily.

The player is able to update the firmware. Use the Lan port or obtain from the LG site, and burn a disc and then play it on a USB drive. The firmware updates for the unit will continue for awhile by LG. It is quite amazing that it could play local media files because it is a budget model. Particularly when you add in Blu Ray playback that is very good, quick loading times, pretty good up-conversions for DVDs, and much more, this is worth the price.


The LG BD630 Network Blu-ray Disc Player is very good at what it does and for the price tag. While it appears like an excellent choice, you must review other people’s opinions or blog posts

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