Let friends and family know exactly where you are in the world with Spot GPS

Let friends and family know exactly where you are in the world and that everything’s going swimmingly. Designed as a serious piece of rescue kit this Spot GPS has (as well as serious emergency location broadcasting) some deeply fun features.


Before you set off on your adventures you set up email addresses and telephone numbers that you want to be contacted in an emergency, or if you just want to let your loved ones know where you are and that you’re ok.

At the click of the OK button the device will send an email (and a text if you have selected that option) to your chosen addresses. Not only will it contain your message, but also a link to Google Maps showing exactly where in the world you are.

And you can even set the gizmo up to automatically send a location message every 10 minute.

On the serious side it also uses GPS satellites to track your coordinates and at the click of the emergency button will transmit them to your designated Spot team or the nearest emergency services – so you can be rescued whether you get stuck up a mountain, down a river, adrift at sea, or out in the desert.

Spot GPS features:

  • A Spot GPS device that receives your GPS coordinates and transmits them, at your request, in the even of an emergency.
  • Integrated belt clip.
  • Requires a yearly subscription of 99.00Euro which includes unlimited usage of the emergency 9-1-1 function, 200 check in or Help messages to any phone worldwide and unlimited Help emails.
  • All additional messages will be charged at 10p per message sent.
  • The subscription can be upgraded (see www.findmespot.eu for details).
  • Waterproof to a depth of 1 metre for up to 30 minutes.
  • Will operate at temperatures between -40 degrees to 85 degrees and altitudes of -300 to 21,300 feet.
  • Can last up to a year with the power on, 14 days in tracking mode and 7 consecutive days in emergency 9-1-1 mode.

Pricing and availability

Spot GPS cost £119.00 and you can find it at IwantOneofThose.com.

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