LCD Technology For Business

Right now the LCD technologies are a part of our life. Almost all people have an LCD in their homes, but few know that this technology is used in industrial workspaces.

The LCD technology has almost replaced the old CTR (cathode ray tube) technology from the industrial workplaces because it presents many advantages.

LCD technology benefits in industry

  • LCD monitors generally use only one third to a half of the electricity demanded by a CTR monitor
  • the LDC’s are smaller and require up to 90% less space
  • the images are brighter, clearer, and sharper
  • an LCD monitor can come with touch screen features
  • LCD monitors are better for the eyes.

The industrial LCD monitors are used as regular monitors to display images from a computer but this type of monitors are made to last for longer and endure a hard environment. These monitors are typically used in factories, banking industry (ATMs), hospitals and restaurants. They offer exceptional quality and they are very highly engineered for industrial purposes.

Rugged monitors

Rugged LCD monitors are LCD displays which have been exclusively manufactured to make sure that while the display can still be clearly seen, that the screen itself protected against direct frontal impact, fluid spillages as well as the numerous bumps and shakes which may happen in an industrial environment.


Because there is a huge market and an increased completion for LCD’s the manufactures have constantly reduced the prices and now these products are affordable even for small business.

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