Launch your website in 5 simple ways on You Tube

It is known by most of the internet savvy viewers that You Tube is the most frequently watched video website. The visitors list goes beyond millions per month. This reflects only one thing. If you want to divert traffic to your website upload your videos on You Tube and see the graph going up. The use of You Tube to promote your website should be done in a most effective manner. So how do you get this done? There is nothing to fear. The main target is to get traffic moving to your You Tube Videos. Just follow these few simple steps and see the wonders it does for you and your website.

  • Viewers will visit your site to quench their queries. This means you should have articles that give an answer to their questions along with an interesting title. The title with the main keywords will enable them to reach your site without any difficulty.
  • The viewers are very busy people, keeping this in mind the videos uploaded should not be for a longer duration generally not more than 5 mins. Having short videos doesn’t mean that the message should be unclear. Few words can speak a lot. Similarly a short video should be able to convey your message to your viewers. The videos should also be related to the target audience. Depending on the class and the type of viewers you should set your videos.
  • Make it a point to submit your articles to high rated directories which will help in attracting traffic to your video. This happens because when you submit your articles to these directories you achieve a link to your video address. These directories receive lots of visitors as they are ranked high in search engines.
  • You can win half the battle when the viewers minds are prepared to look into your offer. Give genuine information about your products and the best uses of it. The more information provided, better will be the results. Asking your viewers to subscribe will help in building up your list.
  • The resource box is like a savior who would help you to promote your video. Put in attractive details and include your web address connected to your video.

The main purpose to be kept in mind is to build interest in the minds of the viewers. Come out with strategies which will move your viewers to visit your site. Gaining comments from your visitors can be an added advantage. All the viewers are on the lookout for fresh matter regularly. Having regular uploads will pull the viewers to your site. It should not be forgotten to stay within the content of your site. Viewers can be asked to share your video with others. See to it that the videos should be interesting and appealing to your viewers. It should also be noted that videos without good sound effect will bring in bad comments. It is essential to keep a track of all your viewers. Noting down their comments and responding back is very important. Giving more information through new videos will help in creating interest in the minds of the viewers. A good starting and a good ending are very important for your site. There should be a link between the introduction and the landing page. If the ending has matter not pertaining to the video be prepared for your viewer to leave your site and never to return. Do not have your personal logo or company name in your video. This need can be fulfilled by adding it in your website URL which is at the bottom of the video.

Following these simple ways can help you gain a good traffic to your website and gain popularity in online marketing.

Author bio: Frank is a web designer by profession and has started new Company for SEO. He is also a free lancer on a part time basis. He loves to write blogs and articles on online marketing and he provides affordable SEO packages India. He provides valuable information on his personal site related to recent updates.

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