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LG`s first 55 inch OLED TV is arguably the most important launch in home movie technology for the past few years. It promises to deliver a brand new level of quality to film fans in the comfort of their own living rooms, but can it live up to the hype?

The model in question is the LG 55EM960V and it is set to become commercially available later in 2012, although for the time being the price is being kept under wraps. Despite this there is little doubt that early adopters will need to save up a significant wad of cash if they want to stick this puppy in front of their sofa.

Latest Home Movie Tech Releases 3

Supporting a full HD resolution as well as 3D playback from Blu Ray disks and games consoles, this seems like a fairly typical 55 inch TV, until you take a closer look at the capabilities of the OLED technology that powers it.

Most current HDTVs either use LCD or Plasma panels, with the former being better suited to smaller, more affordable screens while the later is aimed at visual purists who treasure contrast ratios and colour pallets over slimness and style.

OLED combines the best of both worlds and then some. It stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode and essentially means that there is no need for a separate backlighting system, because each pixel generates its own luminescence. As such OLED TVs like the LG 55EM960V will be thinner than anything else on the market, even the LED backlit LCD screens you can get in abundance.

Contrast ratios are also stellar, with deep blacks never being compromised by light bleed from the brighter elements of the onscreen image. And when it comes to colour clarity and vivacity, an OLED screen cannot be beaten.

Response times are also superior to LCD equivalents, so when showing 3D footage there is little crosstalk or blurring, while 2D content looks as good as you will have ever seen it.

Although OLED has never made it into the home cinema market until now, you may have encountered it before in the form of a mobile phone display. Handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Nokia Lumia 800 can already showcase the potential of OLED technology in the palm of your hand.

It seems that LG`s OLED TV range will grow and be prohibitively expensive in the short term, with only a small number of consumers able to justify the purchase of such high end screens. However, as uptake grows and prices fall we could start to experience an OLED takeover as home movie tech moves on to the next generation.

With 3D capabilities and unrivalled visual performance, the LG 55EM960V might not stop you buying theatre tickets but it will certainly breathe new life into your existing collection of Blu Rays and video games. You will want to relive every moment of your favourite films again to revel in the improved colour and contrast.

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