JVC GY-HD100U High Definition 3-CCD MiniDV Professional Camcorder

The JVC GY-HD100U is a high-definition digicam that looks pretty much like any other, when you first look at it. It may appear like it is equipped with a lot of features but it still works like a standard camcorder. You’ll discover a few differences compared to other video cameras but you can still shoot amazing videos with just a push of a button.


This digital camera is very flexible on how you are able to record and you have more control than you think. You have the ability to record all your videos onto an SD card. They can then be saved until you are ready for a new JVC camera, which can be a huge savings of time. This video camera also gives you the ability to record your video to both tape and to a hard disk. It will be possible to save a lot of time in the process of editing, by being able to directly record to a hard disk. As a result, it is possible to begin editing your video straight away.

Whether you use the camera placed on your shoulder or a tripod, the camera is amazingly simple to operate. The video camera is not particularly heavy to carry and the shoulder pad is particularly thick for comfort and ease. You will believe the quality produced by the JVC GY-HD100U when you actually see it, but their HD videos are designed to look like real life. There is amazing detail, along with an extended gray-scale and a heightened sense of color. This digital camera shoots in 720×1028 lines of progressive video so you’ll have a motion picture effect. The camera is able to record videos in both 24 frames per second and 30 frames per second.

JVC GY-HD100U High Definition 3-CCD MiniDV Professional Camcorder
JVC GY-HD100U High Definition 3-CCD MiniDV Professional Camcorder

At 24 frames per second, it will look like film so you have to use this option if you plan to transfer to film. If that’s what you’re planning, it can easily and quickly go straight to film. You get more data per second with the 30 frames per second, but it isn’t the way to go when making a film project. While you can spend as much as $70,000 for a top quality HD digital camera, you will probably get your money’s worth if you buy the JVC GY-HD100. You’ll get a far greater standard picture recorded, than your typical, average camera, though it doesn’t record HD videos that are uncompressed. The JVC GY-HD100U was among the pioneers in the HD movement, making amazing images and videos.

The JVC GY-HD100U High Definition Camcorder can do everything it says, so if that is what you want, consider giving it a try. JVC was among the first to help develop HD video technology therefore it is a name you can rely on.

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