JoeBot the animated, walking talking, robot buddy

Joebot is an animated, walking talking, robot buddy filled with quirky responses and hilarious Use Voice Command Control or his easy-to-operate joystick hands to interact with him.


Packed with tons of features, he can even be your beatbox buddy; tap out a rhythm and he repeats it perfectly along with a dance.

Let him roam freely in Battle Mode and blast obstacles with his hand LEDs & you can even square off with him using your own TV remote controller.

Joebot features:

  • Try Me function
  • Responds to key phrases
  • Fast fluid walking motion
  • Beatbox/Dance/Game/Guard/Patrol/Talk and Conversation Modes!
  • Hilarious Guard and Battle Mode routines
  • “Shoot” him down with any IR remote controller
  • Voice-activated Program Mode and sequence playback
  • Obstacle avoidance and fall detection
  • Batteries included 6 x AA

Pricing and availability

Joebot cost £79.99 and it is available at

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