Jawbone JAMBOX

When you’d like more sound than your computer speakers will give you, then you need Jawbone JAMBOX. The sound of the Jawbone JAMBOX is fantastic no matter where you hook it up. It will be easy to hear with clarity the rumble of each car, the roar of the crowd and the notes of each musical instrument. On one charge, you can listen for up to ten hours.

Jawbone JAMBOX
Jawbone JAMBOX

You could set the JAMBOX by Jawbone wherever in the room, because it is the tiniest wireless speaker and speakerphone you can find. You can enjoy streaming audio from your laptop, phone or other Bluetooth device, and it can be placed wherever you want it in the house. You’ll be able to hear your mobile audio that’s loud and brilliant from a speaker that could rest on the palm of your hands. It’s easy to hook up the Jawbone JAMBOX to iPods, cell phones, laptops, tablets and any other device that plays audio. Even with its size, the sound quality is remarkably good to the point where it can play back stunning sound coming from a quality Hi-Fi audio system. It’ll fill each and every room in your house with an output capacity of 85 decibels. No other speaker in the marketplace has the distinctive acoustic drivers of Jawbone JAMBOX which generates very high highs and extremely low lows in a single speaker.

You’ll be able to share clean-sounding conference calls from anyplace, using a powerful built-in microphone. It works perfectly with chat applications including Skype, iChat and more. There aren’t any long cables or large docks to carry along so they are easy to take along. For a speaker of its size, you will enjoy unequaled audio quality and volume. The style of the JAMBOX is impressive with its stainless construction and the industrial-weight molded rubber casing. It is a well crafted unit that is solidly built, portable and generates fantastic sound.

What you’ll get in the box is one Jawbone JAMBOX, two charging cables which are micro USB, one is 60 inches and the other is 12.5 inches. Additionally, it has a carrying case, an AC adapter, user manual and a 36 inch long 3.5 mm stereo cable. This can be the best portable speaker currently available which combines superb sound and awesome portability. JAMBOX could go wherever you go, freeing yourself from the clutter of large speakers, along with all of the constraints of docking stations and cables. In a speaker which can sit on the palm of your hand, you will have unbelievably clear stereo sound and rich and deep bass.


People who have ordered the JAMBOX were happy with it. A few people thought these speakers were too pricey. If that’s the sort of speaker you are searching for, then it could be just the one you need. You should test these speakers out to hear if the sound is what you need and the design suits you.

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