Jabra FREEWAY Bluetooth Speakerphone

If you are one of the folks who like to use your mobile phones while you’re driving you will find that the Jabra FREEWAY Bluetooth Speakerphone could be a good investment. It is going to make your driving safer and maybe even spare you a traffic ticket, and it works so well you can even use it at home. The thin speaker, which includes a three speaker stereo system, effortlessly clips onto the sun visor of your vehicle. You’re additionally going to see that you are able to call whomever you want with the voice-controlled system and you will never have to concern yourself with having to dial the phone on your own and taking your eyes off course.

Jabra FREEWAY Bluetooth Speakerphone
Jabra FREEWAY Bluetooth Speakerphone

You’re in addition going to find when you leave your vehicle this device will turn itself off mainly because it uses Bluetooth for the connection. You ought to also be aware that this item comes with everything you are going to need to charge and in addition use this without any problems at all. You are also going to like the excellence of the sounds that you both hear and also that you broadcast as the speakers are acoustically optimized for the best sound, and it also has two microphones built-in. A few other items that many men and women truly like relating to this product is you can answer your calls with your voice and you can even reject calls or redial the the last call. If you obtain a free subscription to Voice Assist, you are able to send and receive emails or text messages, as well as make posts to Twitter as well as Facebook.

Setting this product up with your cellphone is very simple with the voice guidance that comes with the unit.. You are in addition going to see that if you choose to listen to music from your phone this product has a FM transmitter which will permit you to listen to it on the radio. Your cellular phone could also be used to get music, pod-casts, and GPS directions from A2DP. You’re going to see that this product also has a motion sensor which actually allows the product to turn itself on and off based on whether there is motion or not. Yet another thing I ought to point out is that there are updates available for the firmware, and you can also download different languages for the device. You going to see that with the included USB cable you can charge this unit directly from your computer or use the car charger and once this unit is charged you are going to have 14 hours of talk time.

If you would like to read a couple of the reviews that have been written by individuals who have bought this device you can find them on Amazon. Something you may have to do before you actually purchase this item is download the Manual from their website so you can see everything that this item can do ahead of time. This will provide you with the opportunity to get to know the device before you think about purchasing it and with all of the reviews you need to have sufficient information to make a decision on whether the product is something you want or need.


Now that you have all this information, you will know if this could be a good device for you. This is a good quality product which will provide you with more features than a traditional Bluetooth headset.

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