Is Someone Spying On You Right Now? 5 Ways They Might Be Doing It

We live in a world where it’s almost impossible to be completely alone. Governments are using satellites to spy on other countries. Hackers are using technology to look at everything large companies are working on. You can’t even walk to the shops in a big city without being caught on camera a hundred times. Do you think this is a good thing? Does spying on people mean the ones with nothing to hide can sleep easier at night? It probably does, but it still doesn’t feel great knowing you’re being watched.

Everything we’ve spoken about so far doesn’t really affect you on a personal level. It starts getting scary when you realize someone could be targeting you and nobody else. It’s doesn’t matter why they are doing it, because they just are. What matters is that you put an end to it, or if you can’t do that you should make their job as hard as possible. If you don’t know how to do that we should really look at ways you can stay under their radar from now on.

Don’t use public computers

You have two options to choose from. The first option is staying away from public computers, because if there is keylogging software installed your private details will end up in the hands of someone who could cause you harm. The second option is taking a big risk and using a public computer anyway. If you decide to go with the second option then don’t enter your credit card details or log into any accounts using your passwords.

Security software is essential

Only a fool won’t have security software installed on their computer. Luckily they usually come with some default programs, but if you want to crank your security up a few notches you can buy premium software. The reason it’s so important is because any hacker could easily find a way into the backend of your computer and they could steal all of your important information. Hopefully it will never happen to you, but it’s not worth taking the risk.

Work is not safe

You might be getting spied on at work. I know you think that sounds crazy, but it’s true and all your computer activity could be getting monitored. Your boss might seem sweet, but if the company ever wanted to get rid of you without a fuss it would be much easier if they had some dirt on you. Those long hours you spend on Facebook could easily come back to bite you on the arm. From now on you should just assume your computer is being monitored and act accordingly.

Social media security

You know how much information people give away on Facebook and even some of the other social media platforms. I’m sure it wouldn’t take you long to work out when someone was going to be out of the house and it would be easy to break into their home. That is what other people do all the time and if you don’t limit the access to your account you have no idea who might be watching everything you share with the world.

Shred the evidence

This is old school, but there are still some people who will look through your trash to find your personal details. If you get a lot of mail it’s easy to throw it away without shredding it, but if you do that you are putting yourself at risk. Identity thieves love a challenge and when you shred your mail into a thousand pieces they love trying to put it back together again like a jigsaw. Don’t make it easy for someone to screw you over.

James Kirby works as a webmaster for WebWatcher (click here for more info) and he likes to write about his work and life experiences through blog articles.

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