iPhone Solar & USB Mooncharge

Do you want to charge you iPhone from sun? Now it easy with the help of iPhone Solar & USB Mooncharge.


With the help of a solar charger you can have allays battery for you gadgets. The iPhone Solar & USB Mooncharge is a eco friendly solution to charge you gadgets using sun (light) energy.

iPhone Solar & USB Mooncharge features:

  • The iPhone Solar and USB Charger allows you to charge your iPhone via the solar panel or USB.
  • Give your iPhone almost double the lifespan.
  • Simply leave the charger in the sun to charge up.
  • If there’s little sunshine, simply hook it up to your computer via USB (cable included).
  • Provides 4.5 hours of talk time, 270 hours stand-by time, 4.5 4G hours, 27 hours audio time, 9 hours video time.
  • Compatible with iPhone 3G and 3GS.
  • Subtle and attractive design

The charger can give your iPhone almost double the battery life from a full charge, which means a whopping 4.5 hours of extra talk time. With clean, safe power like that available just by leaving it in the sun, you’ll never be stuck with a flat battery again.

Pricing and availability

The iPhone Solar & USB Mooncharge cost £49.99 and it is available at IwantOneofThose.com.

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