iPhone and its improvements in gaming

Even though the current iPhone 5 has not been out all that long, talk is beginning about the newest version of the iPhone. While nothing is set in stone, rumours have been flying about what features this phone will have. Different groups of people have different hopes for upgrading the current version of the iPhone.

Apple iPhone 4

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One of these groups of people is the mobile gamers. The rumours right now are that there could possibly be two versions of the iPhone released in 2013. One feature these models may have in common is larger displays measuring four inches. This size of display is within the recommended parameters for ideal gaming phones. For this reason, the new iPhone should appeal to those who frequently use their phone for gaming.

Another anticipated change to the iPhone will also see alterations made to the thickness of the phone. The phone is expected to integrate new technology that will make slimming the iPhone down feasible. This is an important change as Apple tries to compete with its rivals.

The technology successfully eliminates one of the layers of the phone, thus making it thinner.

What does this mean for gamers?

They can expect the new iPhone to be lighter to hold, as well as easier to stow away given its reduced thickness. Gamers can still expect to comfortably hold the device in their hands while enjoying online casino games.

Combining the feather-like weight with the new larger screen, the phone offers an experience where gamers can see every little detail in their Lucky Nugget slots game while holding very little, which is always a bonus. How fun would mobile gaming be if you couldn’t fit the device in your hand and still couldn’t see what you were doing?

Another possible feature of the new iPhone might be a revolutionary type of technology known as fingerprint detection. By detecting the distinct fingerprint of the owner’s pointer finger, the iPhone would then unlock itself. Currently, the iPhone 5 relies on the user entering a four digit number to unlock the device. This could benefit gamers by making their device more secure – especially when betting real money at online casino sites.

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