iPhone 5

Since the release of the first iPhone in 2007, the remarkable handset from American computing and technology firm Apple has gone from strength to strength, culminating in the release of last year’s record breaking iPhone 4.


Now all we have to do though is sit here and wait for the next instalment of the smart phone to come out but many people out there aren’t satisfied with just being patient and waiting, they want to know exactly what the iPhone 5 will be like and they want to know NOW!

This has led to many rumours being spread all over the internet and in magazines. Here are some of the most common rumours on the iPhone 5 so we know what to expect when any announcement is made.

Firstly, we are told to expect a release date announcement this summer at the very latest. Apple has released a new model of the iPhone every summer for the last four years now and this consistency has meant that they have backed themselves into a bit of a corner for future releases. Most people are saying June or July for an announcement but as we have seen the new iPad announced already, many feel that it could be even earlier than that.
The iPhone 4 saw a total remodel of the phone that was successful the previous year, the 3GS. The 3GS was just a reworking of the iPhone 3 though and there is much discussion as to whether the new iPhone will be a total remodel or just a tweaking of the formula that was successful on the iPhone 4. Thought is really split on this subject and we will have to wait and see.
Finally, there have also been rumours of a smaller version of the iPhone, the iPhone nano perhaps? Apple are supposedly trying to fight off competition from cheaper android devices and a mid range version of the iPhone would be just the thing to do that.

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