Iphone 5 Release Date Revealed?

The iPhone 4S is rumoured to bring small updates the iPhone 4, bringing a better processor, cameras, “minor cosmetic changes” and HSPA+ support.
The Iphone 4S (which may or may not be the actual name) has had its release date “slipped” by an anonymous representative for Phones4U whilst speaking to Techradar, The release date is rumoured to be the 21st of November 2011, which probably means that the tech will be revealed in September as opposed to a June reveal.
The changes to the new Iphone 4S “or maybe Iphone 5” will bring a better processor, Camera and “minor cosmetic changes” and HSPA+ support.
Heres hoping they name the new Iphone the IP4one, or would that be jumping the proverbial shark?

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