How to Select the Right Accessories for Your Car

Accessories can make or break your driving experience. There are a number of accessories that many of us have come to love. There are a number of issues you should consider when buying accessories for your car. Please understand, in this article, we are talking about accessories, such as a mobile phone kit, a reversing camera, or other such add-on. We are not talking about body or other engine modifications. Modifications are another issue all together.

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  • Brand. There are so many new brands on the market today it can be easy to think the brand does not matter. That is certainly not the case. Companies that were always good at making mobile phones are good at making mobile phones, for example. A new company is probably not as good. That is just the way it is. They have the technology and no-how. There are companies that are good at making accessories, and they will normally make the best of all accessories for your car. It is important you learn a little about these brands and the manufacturers before buying any car accessory.
  • Warranty. Where you buy your accessory is important. If there is something wrong, taking it straight back the place of purchase, is always the best option. A manufacturer’s warranty might look good, but the act of getting your device repaired or replaced, may mean a considerable time without it. Look for retail outlets that will fix or replace any troublesome item.
  • Installation. With modern cars, it is getting more complicated to install many devices ourselves. Getting that smooth and finished professional look, will only come when the professionals install your device. There may be other requirements in relation to your car insurance.
  • Insurance. It is important to talk to your car insurer before buying any accessory. There are a number of reasons for doing this. Firstly, you may need to increase the cover of your premium to include the device. Secondly, installation of the device in your car may void your insurance if your provider has not been advised. Thirdly, the device may require professional installation for your insurance to cover it. In the final and worst-case situation, which you will only find out when you go to claim, the installation of a small device had actually voided your insurance.
  • Cost. A cost of an item, or the value of the item, may greatly influence the cost of your insurance. Car insurance in relation to accessories, the cost is normally calculated on the value of the item and the likelihood of it being stolen. Some items are a real target for thieves. Remember, car insurance companies get their costs based on the calculations of a lot of data from the past. They know exactly which accessories have brought trouble to their owners. Keeping this in mind, know the cost of your accessory includes the cost of installation, and the cost that may be placed on your premium.

When you buy accessories, you need to buy a trusted name, bought from a trusted retailer, and always confirm with your insurance company first. Some accessories such as a reversing sensor, may actually reduce the cost of your car insurance, or at least be highly recommended by them.

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