How To Know How Much Ram You Need For Your New Computer

Random Access Memory is used by your computer to recall information you’ve recently given it, whether files or application data. Unlike hard drive space, which stores data indefinitely, RAM space houses active data. The amount of data your computer processes directly correlates to the amount of temporary storage space it’ll need. And while its impossible to quantify the specific amount of RAM you’ll need, there are thresholds you can adhere to which depend on your computer usage.

How To Know How Much Ram You Need For Your New Computer

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Entry-Level Users

The latest version of Microsoft Windows requires only 2 gigabytes of RAM to operate, which is fine if you only intend to check emails occasionally and compose simple documents — anything beyond that, such as viewing videos and multitasking, will require twice that amount. Each application you run, like music players and security software, consumes a chunk of your RAM. A recommended starting pointing for entry-level users is 4gbs of RAM, which allots you plenty of room to load multiple applications without suffering stuttering or crashing.

Professionals and Students

Depending on the girth of your productivity software and the amount of programs you run side-by-side, 4gbs of RAM should suffice for professional users. More often than entry-level users, professionals and students must multitask to get things done. Email apps that periodically check for messages, media apps to make the work bearable and programs for composing assignments could fill your RAM and bring down your productivity. Professionals and students should enjoy few setbacks with 4gbs of RAM, but 6gb ensures there are no bottlenecks while completing the heftiest and most important assignment.

Gamers, Developers and Media Professionals

While a large amount of video games and media production software require 4gbs of RAM, 8gb is fast becoming the new standard. Many of the latest games will run at high frame rates with just 4gbs of rams, but 8gbs prevents the micro-stutters associated with a brimming RAM cache. The best gaming desktop computer for gamers of all budgets can be found online at a gaming computer retailer, where 8gbs of RAM is standard. But aside from digital audio producers, there isn’t a pressing need to venture beyond 8gbs of RAM.

The ideal amount of RAM continues to rise as applications increase in complexity and demand more resources. PC gaming is always on the leading edge of computer technology, meaning gamers will feel the need for more RAM much sooner than other users. However, RAM modules may be replaced with higher capacity sticks as your applications demand more temporary memory.

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