How do Spammers Frighten Your Blog

If you are newbie Vlogger or an experienced blogger, spammers will be equally irritating for you. Therefore, you must be cautious of them if you wish to maintain your percentage, your traffic and search engine rankings. While some of them are less destructive and only intend to publicize their own sites through your corporate video or text-based site, others may be more dangerous than nightmare. Thus, alert yourself against the plethora of activities spammers can do:


Your site gets inferior

Spammers have a nasty habit of creating backlinks of their sites, products and services through your blog, irrespective of the fact whether they are connected with the topic dealt with by a particular video marketing or conventional two dimensional marketing site or not. There is a fair chance that a percentage of traffic that visits your site for specific contents will click on these spam links to find contents that are irrelevant and extremely distasteful at times too! Popular search engines hate this as the products and services promoted by the spammers are below the quality. Eventually, the rate of traffic coming to your site might decrease as online traffic wishes to stay steer clear of spam posts and irrelevant links.

You can get penalized

The spammers never mind playing a fool with the search engine algorithms of a particular site in relation to the fundamentals of Google, Yahoo and similar such engines. This reason can be explained by the way a couple of WordPress sites got penalized by Google Penguin for the presence of links below the corporate video posts and blog posts. Penguin’s system interpreted this as malicious activities of spammers to divert traffic wrongly. Consequently, it fined the sites without taking into account whether the backlinks were credits of the site owners or spammer’ links. Thus, while you will always avoid putting links at the end of your video marketing post and blog content, never expect that the spammers will also be considerate about your search engine rankings. Rather, they are driven by the intention of earning quick revenue from the visiting traffic and will do so at the cost of your ranking!

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I am Francis Boyle, a research analyst at a video production firm in London. As a part of my job, I often have to do a lot of research about various products and services. I write blog posts related to video marketing.

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