Google looks like planning an Android set-top box of its own: the Android TV

Rumor has it that Google is preparing for the launch of a new Android TV. Apparently, the set-top media box will use a rather simple card interface with games and apps; it will also feature a proactive system and voice search. Even though it will be powered by Android, the interface will be offering the channel options, including the apps, movies, shows and games. Users will have at their disposal a 4-way directional pad that they can use to scroll through the TV’s interface and access Home, Back buttons, and enter. It looks like the set-top box will also have optional gaming controllers.


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The Android TV – a device like no other

Google has not revealed any information about the new Android TV. And yet, a lot of information regarding the device was already leaked to the media. According to several exclusive reports, major video app developers are working on creating the platform as we speak. It will be different from the Google TV, which is also based on Android.

First of all, it will not be a powerful smartphone. It will have an interface meant for entertainment and it will not be developed from the point of view of a computing platform. The goal is to make the TV easy to use by everyone – Google has mentioned that when that time comes, they will focus on crafting something fun, fast, cinematic, and fluid.

What should we expect from the Android TV

The Android TV will look like most set top boxes currently available on the market. Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV will soon have to compete with Google’s new invention. The vision is to build less ambitious device that everyone can understand. Apparently, they want to make really simple TV apps and thus allow people within all age groups enjoy the experience. The interface will feature scrolling cards that stand for apps, shows, movies, and games.

The remote control will facilitate viewing, and it will also sustain voice notifications and input. According to some specialists in the industry, the Android TV will be similar to the newly released Amazon Fire TV. The greatest advantage of this new invention from Google is that you will get proactive recommendations. As soon as you turn the TV on, Google will be suggesting you what to watch based on your initial preferences.

Simple & magical access – that’s what we want to see on the new Android TV

The new Android TV promises to exceed our expectations. Google has mentioned that if they release a set-top box, it will only take the buyer 3 clicks/gestures to get from the home screen to the piece of content. The device will be smart enough to guess what you want to watch, but also simple enough to operate. Apart from the ‘universal search’ feature, the viewer will have a search button on the remote control that will permit straightforward search through the individual app section.

If we were to assume that the information gathered thus far is accurate, Google is currently looking for app developers to build games and apps for their upcoming Android TV. Some screenshots were leaked to the media; they clearly show the integration of Google’s current apps such as Hangouts, Play Movies, and YouTube.

The main focus of Google is to build a TV set focused on simplicity. It will still be Android, however the makers are stripping away complicated features like: touchscreen control, cameras, and telephony. They want to make something easy to handle, something you can just plug in and have instant access to your favorite movies, photos, music, and games.

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