Garmin StreetPilot 2720 Portable GPS Navigator

One of the leaders of Global Positioning Systems or GPS is Garmin, and it has something that could be worth your while in the Garmin 2720. This unit has a user-friendly interface, and works beautifully. The Garmin 2720 comes with features that make it stick out, when you would think that these features would be standard on all GPS devices. One of the most awesome features of the Garmin 2720 is the text-to-speech functionality. With text-to-speech, you don’t have to read a display as this Garmin GPS unit will guide you every single step of the way. Also, the Garmin 2720 can bring you your maps in either two dimension or three, with their display which is free of sunlight glare.


If you prefer, you can have the Garmin 2720 GPS let you know of coming landmarks and points-of-interests. The device will let you know if a school is coming up so that you can drive more slowly. If you have to stop for the night on your trip, you will be aware as to when a motel is just around the corner. The 2720 can notify you of these points of interest in plenty of time, so you will know about them plenty in advance. It is terrific when you take a vacation because this GPS from Garmin can let you know of popular tourist spots.

The FM tuner feature in the unit can help you know of possible road construction. You can find out about unplanned obstacles as well, including traffic accidents or broken down vehicles. Adding this type of functionality to your device will obviously make your 2720 deliver more capabilities. Possessing this type of information will give you time to take a detour, or wait it out by doing some unplanned sightseeing. With the ample memory, you can save your past trips so you don’t have to constantly reprogram.

If you are not good at reading a map or navigating on trips, then this GPS unit from Garmin will give you a good deal help. It only takes a few minutes to have the device up and running, and it is good at directions. The 2720 will get you to destinations you wish to get to, by utilizing the point of interest feature. The Garmin 2720 will provide you with the shortest route as well as the route that will get you to your destination fastest. The shortest route doesn’t necessarily mean the fastest route. All you have to do is type in the location you want, and right away the location is brought up. You won’t need to worry about losing your connection or getting lost.

Garmin StreetPilot 2720 Portable GPS Navigator
Garmin StreetPilot 2720 Portable GPS Navigator

It should not be to tough to find a good GPS unit provided that you know precisely what features you need. However, the Garmin 2720 could be the right GPS for you.

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