Garage Doors And Artificial Intelligence

Garage-door operation is going through some quite impressive advancements in terms of technology.   Most everyone owns the visor-clasped garage door openers which, in and of themselves, are impressive enough.  But since technology shows no signs of stopping, even something as mundane as garage-door control is going through some pretty interesting transformations.

The types of garage-door technologies that have emerged and are in use include voice-activated garage-door control, fingerprint activation and internet-controlled procedures.

Voice-Activated Control

This technology was originally designed to help handicapped individuals; and this option, out of the three mentioned, would probably win the title of being the easiest procedure to use to control one’s garage door.   One doesn’t even need to speak a sentence or sentence fragment, such as “Garage door, open!”  Believe it or not, a single word, such as “Open!” is all that is required.  The single word can be spoken with the homeowner being a block away from his residence.

Fingerprint Recognition

There are several styles available with this little wonder of technology.  One type requires a person to glide their index finger, downward, on a control panel attached by the garage door.  A second style allows one to simply wave their finger across a sensor device on a similar control panel.  With this effortless form of control, ‘touchless’ is the name of the game.

Only those fingerprints that have been programmed into these systems will have the ability to open or close the garage doors.   Some models can store up to 10 different prints; and any prints can be deleted or replaced at any time.

Some older models of garage door openers are compatible with fingerprint recognition and one’s garage-door manufacturer would know whether or not their particular brand would be dually-matched.


With the assistance of your smart phone or smart device that is connected to the Internet, one can yet again control one’s garage door operations.  If that is mildly impressive, how about if you were able to open or close your garage door while being  3,000 miles from home—in Switzerland, for example.  Yes, it’s true.  A small, pocket-sized device simply travels where you do; and as long as one has a connection to the Internet, you are good to go!

Special Apps on smart devices can be downloaded, specifically, for garage-door control purposes.   Additionally, with these Apps, a homeowner is able to retrieve information regarding how many times the garage door might have been opened and closed throughout the day or night

This type of control could be beneficial in a lot of ways.   For example, if a furniture store has scheduled to deliver new home furnishings at a specified time to your residence, all you would have to do is use your customized  smart-device App to open the garage door at the delivery time and then close it, shortly, thereafter.  Life just doesn’t get much easier than that!

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Karen is a writer from the midwest.  She enjoys writing about topics that are quirky and rare such as garage door technology.  In addition to garage door technology, she also writes about garage door installation fort worth.

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