Game Design Must Change: Reasons and Tricks

The gaming industry has never seen a more disastrous time than the current one as the sales of most games is dipping. While this may not apply to the entire gaming industry as the top games are still raking in the moolah, there are a large number of games that are not picking up at all. The publishers are generally relying on the sequels of popular games to stay in the green but this trend would no longer work in the long run. There are only a few games on which the sales are being relied upon and this is dangerous as a slip in the sales of any of these few titles would mean disaster.


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The reason for this dip in sale of traditional games is that the game design has become clumsy and bloated and they need a change. Game designs until now have been bounded by the amount of space that is available on the media and the retail pricing of the game. The retail sales have become the dominant feature that dictate the designing of games. However, with the changing trend of the market, there needs to be a change in the game design as well.

Another reason that pushes forth the need of changing the face of game designing is that there are multiple platforms now that provide gaming opportunities. Game designers must consider this fact and design games that work on multiple platforms. In the recent years, the trend of mobile gaming and free-to-play games has increased and there is an increased emphasis on the digital distribution of games. However, the companies are still relying on revenues coming from the sale of gaming discs or consoles with fixed gaming capabilities.

The trick here to revamp the gaming industry is to redesign the game designs so that they meet the demands of the present as well as the future markets. Here are some steps that can help in revamping the game designs:

Design Smaller Budget Games: often game developers and companies are taking too long and putting in too much money in designing and developing games. This practice not only makes the games be out of bound for most users as they prove to be very costly when they are finally rolled out but they also leave no space for further improvement. Instead developers must aim to design games with existing technology, not pushing too hard on the graphics or sound. They must pick up one mode, as that of single or multiplayer and then design a game around the concept. This idea would help design games faster with a smaller design team.

Design games with gameplay that is vital: some of the big names in games have failed to deliver despite taking a lot of time and putting in millions of dollars in developing the game. The reason for this failure is that the designers have bloated the games with too many things that are not even vital to the gameplay. Having voice over in games is a perfect example of this point as there is often need of putting in special voices in games as they do not contribute much to the gameplay but cost a lot. Instead the idea should be to design simple games with only the vital things, leaving the customizations and add-ons for the later versions once the game starts making money.

It is really now the time that game designers should look at revamping the game designing as more and more users are getting hooked to gaming, thanks to the increased usage of smartphones. There is the need to develop games on a low budget with a smaller team, with the game testing department handed over to the audience.

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