Fridge Cleaning Regime – New V/S Old Method

Is the freezer odor and cluster worrying you each time you open it? Then it is time to clean your freezer. Freezer is that part of your home which is most neglected as the low temperatures and ice formation keeps you in a false notion that the freezer can never be contaminated. But regular cleaning of the freezer is as important as cleaning your kitchen slabs or cupboards! And it is very necessary to remove that frozen water on the base of your freezer.


Modern Method of cleaning fridge

The first thing to do before cleaning your freezer is emptying it. If you feel that there are items in your refrigerator which you cannot throw away or consume soon enough then make sure there is some free space in your neighbor’s freezer which you can utilize, only if they are good! The other way to store food so that it doesn’t get contaminated while you clean your fridge, is to keep the items in a utensil filled with water. That will preserve your food while you clean your fridge. Once the freezer is emptied, you can switch off the plug and defrost it. If you are using a modern refrigerator with a defrost mechanism then it is fine. Your fridge cleaning process becomes much easier.

Traditional method of cleaning freezer

But if your refrigerator is of old model in which there is frequent ice formation, cleaning will take from a few hours to one full day, depending upon the time when you cleaned your freezer last! The traditional method of defrosting is as simple as switching off the plug and keeping the freezer doors open so that the defrosting happens naturally. But, if you want to speed up the defrosting process, either use a hair dryer or keep a pan full of hot water in the freezer cupboard with the doors closed. This will make the ice melt faster and you can save your time. As soon as the ice starts melting, you can just scrape it off from the walls of the refrigerator. Make sure that if you are using a dryer, you set it to provide moderate heating. It will take some time to remove the frost, but will not damage any of part of your freezer.

Remove odor

Once the ice is removed, make a lotion by mixing water, vinegar and liquid dish wash soap. The insides of the freezer can be wiped with a sponge or cloth soaked in this lotion. Even if the insides are wiped clean, there will be nooks and corners within the freezer which will need to be scrubbed using a small toothbrush. Once the insides are thoroughly cleaned, you can just wipe it off with some water and baking soda. This will help in removing any persistent odors from your refrigerator.

Let it dry

After completing the cleaning process, keep the freezer door open for some more time for fresh air circulation. Plug the appliance and switch it on.

Now you can go and thank your neighbor for sharing her refrigerator space with you, take the things back and put it in your freezer.

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