Five Major Ways Smartphones Have Changed Our Lives

Whether you have one of the many iphone plans or Blackberry phones that are available on the market today, smart phones have definitely changed the fabric of the world through the way that we communicate. Below are just a few of the reasons that the smart phone is now an indispensable part of society.

Five Major Ways Smartphones Have Changed Our Lives

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1. Bad News Now Travels at the Speed of Light

Many restaurants and businesses in retail and customer service are finding themselves at the mercy of review sites such as Yelp and Foursquare. Because customers can now put a negative review of a business on the Internet immediately, businesses have had to respond with lightning-quick customer service in order to stay address their PR needs.

2. The Price of Communication Has Gone Down Considerably

There is now virtually no charge for communicating with someone across the world. Telecommunications companies are having to find ways to profit without charging people for the distance of their call, because there is always some competitor that is more than willing to provide this kind of service for free or next to nothing.

3. Commerce Is Now Done on a Mobile Phone

Day-to-day bill paying as well as impulse buying is now done by smart phones for the majority of people in the Western world. Brick-and-mortar businesses are now having to compete with companies all across the world when it comes to items that can be stored and are not perishable.

4. Employers Expect More Productivity from Employees

An employee that cannot be reached instantaneously is no good to a business in the modern landscape. Projects are now done on planes on the way to the meetings. Presentations are made from offices across the world. People are expected to have the same amount of productivity as their phones, as unreasonable as this may seem.

5. Business Marketing Is Now Instant As Well

Companies can send coupons to people as soon as they step into a certain radius of a storefront. Coupons can be targeted to the people who are most likely to buy. With tools like this, companies’ target audiences are much easier to find and communicate with, greasing the wheels of commerce even more. However, customers are now expecting much more from the companies that they patronize, and they are also much less loyal than they have ever been because someone is always right around the corner with another deal.

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