Five Frugal Ways to Make Your Electronics Last Longer

Despite their relatively short lifespans, most electronic devices are expensive enough to warrant some extra care to ensure the best return on your investment. Doing so makes both economic and environmental sense. Whether it’s a laptop or a digital camera, the useful life of any electronic device can be extended with the following helpful tips.

Five Frugal Ways to Make Your Electronics Last Longer

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Perform Routine Cleaning

Electronic devices are a magnet for dust, hair and other contaminants. The accumulation of airborne debris can lead to overheating, which will ultimately kill even the most hardy machines. Get a case of canned air or a compressor and regularly blast away dust from intake vents and ports to ensure that your electronics stay squeaky clean.

Invest in Protective Casing

Buying a case for your more important electronics is a no-brainer if you want to avoid shattered screens and cosmetic exterior damage. Android and iOS cell phone cases come in a wide array of materials and colors, making it easy to find the perfect shield to protect your treasured phone from the world.

Learn Rudimentary Repair Skills

Too many consumers ditch older electronics at the first sign of malfunction or reduced performance. Oftentimes, spending an insignificant sum of money on the repair or replacement of a defective part can save you from shelling out hundreds on a new device. Buy an electronics repair kit and familiarize yourself with sites like iFixit and Instructables.

Cannibalize Junker Units

When it comes to keeping your electronics humming, you can never have too many spare parts. You never know when an extra circuit board, power supply or display will come in handy. Buying non-functional versions of your primary devices from Craigslist or eBay will give you plenty of components to work with if something breaks.

Upgrade Devices Incrementally

The easiest way to squeeze extra life from your electronics is by upgrading components piecemeal. For instance, bumping up the RAM of your laptop or installing an SSD can easily add an extra couple of years of life to your primary computer. While some electronics aren’t capable of such upgrades, it’s always worth a try.

Extra Life, Extra Cash

You’d be surprised at how much money you can save by eking out just a bit more life from your electronic gear. Thankfully, a few dollars spent on maintenance, preventative measures and incremental upgrades can reap great rewards. Use the tips outlined above to slash your technology budget and get the most from your gadgets.

By Marlena Stoddard

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