Fellowes B-081C 8 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder

Something you need to be aware of is that identity theft is becoming increasingly more popular among criminals and one way they get information about individuals is from their garbage. It is because of this that more men and women would like to get themselves a shredder for both their house and office so that they can make it much harder for the criminals to get a hold of their information. Of course one thing I ought to point out is that not all shredders are created equally, as some will only cut the papers into strips and won’t be able to cut up credit cards. In this post we are going to be taking a better look at the Fellowes B-081C 8 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder which may have all of the features you’re trying to find.

Fellowes B-081C 8 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder
Fellowes B-081C 8 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder

Some lower quality shredders will wind up jamming up if you attempt and put in any more than two pieces of paper nevertheless this device will take care of eight sheets at the same time. You’re additionally going to find that this not only cuts the papers one way, this has a cross cut feature that turns your papers into confetti. I am sure I do not need to mention to you the significance of this feature, mainly because confetti is clearly more difficult to put back together than strips of paper. This kind of shredder is actually so popular that major corporations and companies use this because they understand how safe it really is.

Time was people would simply cut a credit card into a few pieces and throw it in the garbage, but now it’s more vital than ever to shred these cards and this product can do that. You must realize that identity thieves only have to have the credit card number and expiration date, of course, if you simply cut your credit card into a few pieces with scissors they are able to easily put this back together to find out these numbers.

If you are one of the individuals who like to know what other individuals think about a product before buying, you are able to have a look at the reviews on Amazon concerning this product but you will discover that the majority of the individuals provided this with the best rating that Amazon allows. The only negative review was that a particular person did not like the fact they could not shred for more than 30 minutes at a time, but if that person read the directions it is advised that you don’t shred from more than 10 minutes at the same time. This same person still gave this same product a four out of five star rating although they did not like that they couldn’t shred for more than 30 minutes.

At this stage, Amazon is currently offering the shredder for $99.99 for anyone who decides that this is precisely what they have been trying to find. Another thing I should mention is that you will be saving over 62% off the retail price if you opt to order this from Amazon. And for individuals that are wondering that is actually $160 that you are going to end up keeping in your pocket.

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